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Transport yourself to our virtual Bali retreat

Curated by Bali’ s most award-winning and highest-ranking women’s retreat, allow our seasoned team of wellness professionals to expertly guide you  through a 6-week program of transformation. With 13 years of experience and over 10,000 past guests, we draw on our years of experience of creating and running retreats for women. In 2020 we launched our series of 6 day virtual Mini Escape and have witnessed the transformation of over 5,000 women in just 6 days with our virtual guidance. Our wellness wisdom and practices work, whether we deliver them on retreat or through our virtual retreat programmes.

There is no better time to focus on your wellness than right now and we make it easy and simple with a curated daily wellness program that will leave you radiating with a sense of holistic well-being that you have never before experienced…

Can you imagine a world where your health and wellness routines are provided directly to you on a weekly basis?

Where you can have rejuvenating yoga classes, meditation sessions, energising fitness workouts, mindset workshops, delicious healthy recipes, interviews with our full team of experienced wellness practitioners and an entire wellness library all at your fingertips? 

The world has changed in a short space of time. We have the ability to change too during this period; we have a choice to evolve or stand still. Choose to replace feelings of isolation, fatigue, overwhelm, anxiety, stress, heaviness and lethargy with feelings of balance, clarity, empowerment, tranquility, enthusiasm, connection, vibrancy and purpose.

There is no better time to focus on your wellness than right now…

For 11 years we have created a global community of women and now we are creating this social haven within a new safe virtual world. Can you imagine being part of a global community of inspiring women, supporting one another on an individual and collective journey of vibrant transformation? How about receiving a daily dose of Bali magic right in the comfort of your living room?

We’re inviting you to join us on a world-first
wellness retreat where no plane ticket is necessary…

Escape Haven @ Home is a 6 module virtual retreat immersion, specifically designed to transform you from the inside out, and the outside in. The course gifts you with all the tools and techniques you need to rediscover and experience the best version of you. Uncover the remarkable transformation that our guests experience, without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Dive into invigorating workouts. Find your zen zone with yoga and mediation. Listen to inspiring workshops on nutrition, Ayurveda, goal setting and more with our experienced leaders in the field. Jump into the kitchen with our head holistic chef and learn mouthwatering nutritious recipes. Uncover self care rituals to up-level your holistic health and happiness. Plus so much more.

We will provide you with wisdom, tools and support to empower you on your own personal health journey. You will be guided every step of the way by our full team of wellness practitioners. We know that with our guidance you can transform in just 6 weeks! The extensive videos, interviews, workbooks and classes are designed to really help you thrive in every area of your life.

Classes and workshops are designed to fit easily into your day and allow you to connect daily with women all around the globe united on this 6 week wellness adventure. Your journey will continue after the 6 week programme with lifetime access to all of the materials in the course.(excluding class pass classes).

We know that with our guidance you can transform in just 6 weeks!

Escape Haven @ Home at a Glance

Healthy food

Nourishing Retreat Cuisine

We’re sharing our favourite retreat recipes with you to boost immunity, gently detoxify and leave you glowing from the inside out. Gain access to our most popular & delicious recipes and be guided by our chef on how to make each one.

Wellness wisdom

Next-Level Wellness Wisdom

Dive deep into Ayurveda, Women’s Health, Gut Health, Chakras, Manifestation, Emotional Eating, Goal Setting, Stress, Nutrition, Mental Health, Sleep, Rituals, Self-Care, Meal Planning and SO much more.


Global Women-Only Community

Welcome home. A private group designed to support you on your wellness journey. Like-minded women from all over the world. A place to share, connect, laugh, thrive and belong.

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6 Module Virtual Retreat Immersion

6 modules of guided content delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. Experience an award-winning Bali wellness retreat with no flights and no packing required!

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Experienced Team of Wellness Leaders

Join our professional wellness leaders as they simplify wellness and support you week to week, answer all your burning questions and deliver you next-level content, wisdom, tips & tools.

exercise icon

Inspiring Yoga Classes and Workouts

Dive into rejuvenating yoga classes, energising workouts and inspiring meditations suited to all levels. A perfect balance of classes that will make you both sweat and smile!

What’s Included

✔️ Yoga flows for positivity & balance

✔️ Energising fun workout sessions

✔️ Inspiring morning & evening rituals

✔️ Delicious healthy recipes to make you glow

✔️ Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

✔️ Q & A sessions with our wellness gurus

✔️ Mental health & self-care 

✔️ Creating workout routines & how to stay motivated

✔️ Connection to a supportive & like-minded women’s group

✔️ Goal setting & positivity

✔️ Meal Planning exercises & menus

✔️ Journalling & gratitude planners

✔️ Combating stress, anxiety & overwhelm

✔️ Debunking health myths to help you thrive

✔️ Ayurveda routines & recipes for your type

✔️ Wellness tips & tools for daily life

✔️ Hormone health, sleep & finding balance

✔️ Reconnecting to your intuition, dreams & higher self

✔️ Energy healing & releasing limiting beliefs

✔️ Downloadable worksheets & high-quality video library

✔️ Daily accountability tasks & routines

✔️ A  taste of Bali magic in your own living room

The Modules


Six modules form the virtual retreat journey. Within each module is 6 lessons with videos, audio files, worksheets, tasks and all the materials you need to thrive in each of these important lifestyle areas. Within each module are also yoga classes, meditations and fitness classes suited to the theme of the module so every week offers an immersive retreat experience.


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How do you want to feel each day? Are you seeking ways to shift from surviving to truly thriving? Would you love to feel in control of your mental and emotional well-being? Are these current times leaving your feeling uncertain, anxious or lost? Do you miss that zest for life you had when you were carefree and felt in control of your choices and freedom?

What if you could take back control of how you feel and return to a state of inner peace and contentment? That time is now as we provide you with life-changing tools and techniques developed over the course of 13 years by founder and director, Janine Hall. These simple yet profound practices have become the foundation of the inspirational retreats we have shared with over 8,000 women and will empower you to live your best life with ease and clarity. 

What does that mean for you?

  • You’ll shift away from negativity and scarcity towards a positive, abundant mindset
  • You’ll let go of limiting beliefs so you can live your brilliant, bold, beautiful life
  • Say farewell to those unwanted emotions that hold you back from being your true authentic self
  • Feel supported with tools, practices and know-how to make sustainable change and feel in control of your world



As women, we all have our own unique relationship with food and eating. When we strip everything away, food is fuel, and how we choose to fuel our body impacts every aspect of our wellbeing. Do you feel in control of your food choices? Are you often left feeling lost, confused or simply overwhelmed with what is good for you these days? Do you struggle to find the time to prepare healthy meals for yourself or your family? Perhaps you have dietary issues that you are unsure how to manage?

Allow our nutritionist Nikki to guide you through the gauntlet of food, health and emotions. This jam-packed module takes all the confusion out of the game so you feel confident, empowered and inspired to truly fuel your body in the best possible way.

What does that mean for you?

  • You’ll say farewell to the guessing game and learn what your body needs to thrive
  • You’ll regain energy, mental clarity and a zest for life that comes with proper nutrition
  • We give you ALL of our most loved recipes right from our retreat kitchen
  • You’ll feel empowered and confident to reach your ideal body weight in a safe way
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Morning Rituals & Sleep

How would you rate your sleep quality? Are you someone who hits the snooze button a dozen times before crawling out of bed?! Sleep is the most important aspect of your overall health and wellbeing – it impacts mental clarity and productivity, our hormones, our eating patterns, our immune system and so much more. Learning how to get those 8 hours in every single night is a game changer – this will literally change your life!

Furthermore, how you start each day sets the tone and mood for the entire day ahead. Do you constantly feel as though you never have enough time in the day? Are you seeking ways to feel more connected within? Learn our favourite morning rituals and routines that will not only transform your well-being and set you up for a productive, inspiring and rewarding day- every single day.

What does that mean for you?

  • We let you in on the sleep rituals we use on retreat to ensure a sound night’s slumber
  • You’ll develop morning routines that truly nurture and support you in ways like never before
  • Enjoy yoga flows, audio meditations, journaling prompts, gratitude planning and much more.
  • You’ll be provided with tools and practices that you can turn to anytime you feel sleep is out of grasp



Did you know that Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga and it has been used in India for centuries for deep healing and longevity? Ayurveda can address every lifestyle imbalance you can think of and once you understand how to use Ayurveda for your own body type or ‘dosha,’ you will experience profound changes in every aspect of your wellbeing
You will dive in and be guided through the wonderful world of Ayurveda with our Ayurveda guru Camilla. Whether you’re looking to gain more energy, balance your hormones, lose weight, heal your digestion and more- Camilla will help decipher this age old wisdom into practical wisdom and tools that you can use daily.

What does that mean for you?

  • Discover your own unique dosha and how to create lifestyle changes to align with your constitution
  • Enjoy incredible Ayurveda recipes to balance digestion and ‘agni’ which is the most important aspect of Ayurveda health
  • Learn self care practices to nurture body, mind and soul
  • Discover Ayurveda- specific yoga practices to find balance, energy and tranquility
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phsyical movement



Does pulling on your activewear fill you with dread?! Do you struggle to fit movement into your daily routine or find it hard to stay motivated? Physical activity is a crucial aspect of our holistic wellbeing, and the best news is, it can also be plenty of fun and something that you actually look forward to!

Are you ready to develop new routines, discover workouts that are fun, and dive into the ‘why’ behind physical activity that makes the ‘doing’ that much easier and more enjoyable? Our charismatic trainer Lucy covers everything you need to know to transform or deepen your relationship with exercise and physical wellbeing.

What does that mean for you?

  • You’ll be introduced to a wide range of fitness modalities to ensure you find ways to move that you love
  • You’ll have a whole library of diverse classes that you can enjoy from home suited to all levels
  • You’ll develop tools to help you stay motivated and committed to your physical health
  • Feel stronger, lighter, empowered and enlivened – ready to meet your goals


Motivation and Inspiration

Are you eager to dive into yoga and meditation but are unsure where or how to start? Perhaps you have an existing practice but you are ready to go deeper? The benefits of yoga and meditation are becoming increasingly well known, and for good reason- these practices have the ability to transform, strengthen, balance and completely transform us in body, mind and spirit.

Dive into yoga and meditation in exciting and dynamic new ways with our incredible and experienced team of yoga teachers. Discover practices to energise and enliven you, as well as practices to soothe the mind, release stress from the body, and leave you feeling as though you can take on the world – whatever shows up to greet you. These tools will support you through life, and there is no better time to embrace them than now.

What does that mean for you?

  • You’ll dispel any preconceived ideas of yoga and meditation and find practices that work perfectly for you
  • You’ll discover new ways to move your body and still your mind to prepare you for anything life offers
  • You’ll find greater strength, flexibility, stillness, balance, clarity and compassion
  • You’ll discover how these practices can transform all aspects of your life from improving your sleep to balancing hormones, strengthening relationships, helping you reconnect to your inner self and building inner tools to cope with the outer world.
Inspiration Motivation

Our Wellness Leaders

Our wellness leaders are qualified professionals who excel in their respective fields of health. You will have the chance to get up close and personal with Lucy our personal trainer, Frankie our yoga and meditation guru, Janine our expert on goal setting, positive mindset and success rituals, Camille our Ayurveda specialist and Nikki our Nutritionist and Mental Health Expert. 

The interviews, videos and live chats dive deep into everything you need to thrive on a physical, mental and emotional level. Have questions along the way? Of course you will! And our team will be there to answer all of your burning questions to really personalise your journey. 

We know how confusing the wellness world can be at times with so much contradicting information. It can feel overwhelming to know which advice to follow. That’s why we have made things simple for you. We have over 13 years experience at our award winning wellness retreats and know exactly what helps women to shine and glow!  Furthermore, our wellness leaders will be with you every step of the way, guiding you, inspiring you and supporting you over the virtual retreat. The tools, wisdom and practices are simple yet profound and will empower you to take your own health to new heights in a holistic and sustainable way.

Your Community

Right now, we face an unprecedented time in history. Never before have we faced physical distancing and social isolation. As women we are united by a special bond, we are social creatures, we need community. This challenging time has inspired us to create this virtual retreat offering as a way not only to serve you the best as we can, but to also unite us as women on a shared journey. 

Not only will we be here to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way, you will also be supported, held and cheered on by a like-minded group of women all over the world. The private group space is a sacred space for you to be you, to be heard and to be appreciated. We value your input and are excited to share the incredible ride of your transformation. This group will be a treasured space that you can turn to during this challenging time We feel lucky that the magic of technology allows us to invite you into a very special wellness hub – never before has this sense of belonging been more important.

Your Investment in You

At Escape Haven, it has always been our heartfelt desire to support women to thrive and offer a space to reconnect, rejuvenate and refresh. Right now, coming along on a Bali retreat has its challenges. Throughout this virtual retreat immersion, we gather up all of our most effective and ground-breaking activities and practices from our Bali wellness sanctuary and deliver them right to you in your living room. Our aim is to provide you with a virtual retreat immersion- the very first of its kind in the world- offering you the wisdom, tools and support to empower you on your own personal health journey, in the unique climate that we currently face and far beyond this time.

We understand that financially right now, so many people are in a place of change and uncertainty. It is our aim to make this virtual retreat accessible to as many women as possible. While many courses of a similar caliber are thousands of dollars, we want to offer this journey at a special price during this delicate time when these tools and practices are needed the most.

So how much does it cost?

Given the current environment we wanted to provide a course that was accessible to as many women as possible. The total value of the course is over US$2,000 yet we have a very special offer for you.
Join the Escape Haven @ Home virtual retreat
for a fraction of this.

You can join us TODAY for just one payment of $97
(with 4 additional weekly payments of $97!)

Or for the best value, join Escape Haven @ Home for one payment of $447 USD. This pay up front option also includes a special additional bonus module!



Your Special Offer Ends April 30th!

Sign up to Escape Haven @ Home before Midnight,
April 30th (AEST) to receive the best price & additional inclusions!


How It Works

  1. You will have access to a professional online portal where all of the weekly information, videos, audios and materials are kept for you. Each week we will update the new module for you to work through at your own pace.
  2. We are right there alongside you in the private Facebook Group to work through the content and questions together with support from the full team
  3. You can also work at your own pace each week- completing the various workouts, yoga flows, meditations, tasks and worksheets in your own time
  4. You have all of the content for the lifetime of the course, meaning you can continue with the retreat immersion program for as long as you like (excluding Class Pass Classes) ! Or pick and choose from the extensive materials to incorporate them into your life in the best way that suits you.
  5. We are on hand to guide you and support you, as are the other women that will join you from all over the globe
  6. If you are seeking additional support to really dive deep and further personalise the program, you can join the VIP option which gives you one on one support for the full six weeks of the journey with the full team of wellness leaders
how it works 1

+ If I’m not ready to join our Virtual Retreat this time, do you know will this course be running again?

Please let us know and we can add you to our email database to keep you up to date with all Escape Haven products, and to let you know when we run the next intake for the Virtual Retreat course. You are free to unsubscribe anytime.

+ What kind of time investment is required?

You can set aside about 30 minutes to watch each lesson video and complete the corresponding task sheet. If you choose to do the additional Class Pass classes – including yoga, fitness or meditation – these range in length from 5 minutes – 60 minutes. We designed the Virtual Retreat course to be self-paced so you can take as much time as you need and do things on demand and when the time is right for you.

+ Do you offer a refund if it ends up not feeling right for me?

We believe in the value of our Virtual Retreat course. But if, for whatever reason, it doesn’t feel ‘right’ once you’re on the inside, we can certainly offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you provide proof that you have completed at least 3 modules of the course. This would be from the date you purchased the course.

+ What if I don’t have the time right now to keep up with the course live?

You have lifetime access to the Virtual Retreat material (excluding class pass classes). You can also complete it self-guided. You can get the same results even with a lower weekly time investment (P.S: Lifetime access means ‘for the life of the course.’ You’ll be given advance notice before anything is taken down, IF we take it down at all). As Class Pass is a free bonus, this is available for the length of this 6 week course.