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Put cloud native configuration security in the hands of developers.

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Securing developer-owned infrastructure

Snyk Infrastructure as Code (Snyk IaC) helps developers write secure HashiCorp Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Kubernetes, and Azure Resource Manager (ARM) configurations before touching production. Snyk’s developer-first approach meets developers where they work and provides fixes that can be directly merged into code.

Empower developers
to secure IaC

Embed security best practices into engineering workflows with automatic in-line code fixes.

Build security into
every step of the SDLC

Reduce the most risk by checking configurations as they are written and deployed.

Scale security
within your teams

Add security expertise to every application team and eliminate error-prone manual code reviews.

Fix issues fast in cloud and app configurations

Test Terraform, CloudFormation, Kubernetes configurations, and ARM templates as you write them, and again as you run them through your CI/CD pipelines. Meet security team requirements in one-go by detecting and fixing misconfiguration issues early. 

Prevent misconfigurations

Test and monitor locally, in code repos, and as you plan and test your configurations in CI/CD pipelines.

Understand security issues

Get quick context on issues, impact, and action without wandering into additional security documentation.

Accelerate fixes

Implement suggested fixes and eliminate the guesswork of creating secure configuration in minutes.

Why Snyk IaC?

Built-in and custom rules for policy-as-code

Apply hundreds of rules based on industry benchmarks, cloud-provider best practices, and  threat model based research from Snyk’s security intelligence team. Add custom rules leveraging Open Policy Agent (OPA).

IaC checks in developer workflows

Establish automated checks pre-commit in CI/CD pipelines and in your Terraform workflows via Run checks in Terraform Cloud. Test as you write via the Snyk CLI. Monitor for changes with integrations with Git repositories and IDEs.

Centralized insights and reporting

Get a complete view of your configuration issues and drill deeper with filters. One-click export csv. files or leverage the data through the Snyk API.

Secure every layer of your application with Snyk’s developer security platform

Modern applications are more than just the code your developers create. Snyk IaC is part of the Snyk platform, helping developers build software securely across the cloud native application stack, including code, open source, containers, Kubernetes & infrastructure as code.

Stay secure. Develop and deploy with IaC.

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